Upholstery Cleaning


No matter what kind of fabric your lounge suite is made of most of them can be very efficiently cleaned using the ECO-CLEAN system. We minimise allergy reactions by vacuuming thoroughly to remove dust and dirt and other pollutants that settle on upholstery prior to cleaning. Again if it is heavily soiled, we can combine both Steam cleaning and Eco-Clean.


Leather upholstery can also be cleaned and nourished. After a visual inspection, we can give you an idea as to what you can expect in the way of results. Most are no problem at all to maintain.


In order to keep your upholstery cleaner longer and make it easier for you to maintain between cleans, we can also apply a protective coat. This product resists liquid spills and dry soils further protecting your valuable upholstery and floor coverings.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

We can restore your ceramic tiles and grout in your home environment and clean them to a high standard with amazing results to make them look like new again. Dirt, germs and grime build-up can be eliminated also in Commercial areas like Lunch Rooms, Office Foyers, Office wet area, Toilets and Kitchens.


Flood and Water Damage

If carpets are left wet without proper cleaning, contamination can occur very quickly. Left untreated this could develop into mould and / or numerous other unhygienic health hazards. We can carry out restorative cleaning processes to eliminate further contamination and help render your carpeted environment safe and healthy again.